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Jive Events & Entertainment has been in the business for over a decade providing entertainment and entertainers with Bands, Singers, DJs, and MCs for any occasions…Corporate Events, Dinner & Dance, Club & Bars, Product Launching, and Weddings.

The list of clients has been using our services includes American Express, American Association, Citibank, Credit Suisse, DHL, F1 Singapore, Google, KPMG, Marina Bay Sands Singapore, NTUC Income, Resort World Singapore, Robinsons, St. Patrick’s Association, Standard Chartered, The British Club, Universal Studio Singapore, and Major Events Companies in Singapore and overseas.


The list goes on and with our professional experiences, Jive Events & Entertainment is dedicated to provide the best of entertainment. 




Band Leader, Lead Vocal, Guitarist and Percussionist

With over 30 years of experience in the music and entertainment industry throughout Asia, Raffy brings to the region a plethora of musical talent and diverse musical flair in the industry.


Raffy has traveled and performed in Asia and in Europe adopting best practices around the world and adding a variety of pop, rock, blues and soul to Singapore’s night life.


Raffy’s wide array of talent, showmanship and ability to develop camaraderie with the crowd is hard to come by. He's not only delivers in his performance, but he ensures everyone enjoys himself or herself.


Raffy has represented Singapore in the annual AEAS Festival of songs in Indonesia and has been invited regularly to perform in several resorts throughout Asia and Europe. He has made three albums that have been broadcasted on radio and television.


Raffy joined Jive talkin in 1991 where the band has been one of the better and most sought after bands in Singapore attracting international crowds and visitors in Singapore.


It has created a fan-base and cult following throughout Asia Pacific. When people visit Singapore and intend to enjoy good life music, they think or hear about Jive talkin’. As crowds with music that span across musical eras and genres touching audiences of all ages from rock to reggae, soul to swing, jazz to pop, disco to blues. Many will not restrict themselves from hopping onto the dance floor to the tunes performed by Jive talkin’.

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